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Zach Braff Dr. John ‘J.D.’ Dorian / … (170 episodes, 2001-2009)
Sarah Chalke Dr. Elliot Reid (170 episodes, 2001-2009)
Donald Faison Dr. Christopher Turk (170 episodes, 2001-2009)
Neil Flynn The Janitor / … (170 episodes, 2001-2009)
John C. McGinley Dr. Perry Cox (170 episodes, 2001-2009)
Ken Jenkins Dr. Bob Kelso (169 episodes, 2001-2009)
Judy Reyes Nurse Carla Espinosa (169 episodes, 2001-2009)

It was John Jameson’s first day on the set. It was like walking into a dream! Everything was exactly how he imagined it from watching it on TV: the hallways, the scrubs, the Scrubs’. John had only been in Hollywood for a month, but already his dreams were becoming true dreams. First it was a toothpate commercial, then one line on Dog’s’ World, and the next thing he knew, POOF!!, he was on the Scrubs set getting ready to be on Scrubs! He had come a long way from his hometown of Gary City, Indiana. One of the first things people notice when they are on the show of Scrubs is just how clean it smells in that hospital. It smells real clean in there! And the reason why is that the guy that plays the Scrubs janitor (Neil Flynn) is contractually obligated to be the janitor for behind the scenes and he takes his job serious, so you know it’s clean on there! He does a real good job! So John is just walking around, getting his bearings, just feeling it out, trying to see what this is all about. He is so caught up in living out his ultimate fantasy of being on the Scrub set and WHOOPS! he bumps right into Zachery Braff, who else?

“Pardon me.”

“Oh, excuse me. I’m very sorry, J.D.!”

“No, please, it was my fault.”

“Oh ok.”

John tiptoed away quietly, in awe of the power of J.D. “Zach” Brafft. “What a nice guy!” He thought. Meanwhile, around the corner, Zach is cowering behind a stretcher, thinking to himself “Wow that guy that bump into me look just like a girl I used to know! I wonder who he is and how he came to be on my set of Scrubs!” Zach slowly walked backwards, trying to make sure no one see him, but he accidentally bump into Dr. Perry Cox! Oh no! Luckily, in real life, Dr. Cox is just a nice guy, a real great guy. They exchange numbers and Zach makes his way to the break room to get some kit kats and–there he is again!–it’s John and he is looking really cute. Zach comes up to him from behind and whispers into his ear “I am no superman” and John just melts like butter in his finger. They start kissing and hugging, really just connecting with each other on a whole other level. John manages to open his eyes for one second and, no, he is not dreaming! This is the realy J.D. smooching him left and right. This could get awkward!

“Hey I am okay with this if you are.”

“I just don’t want to lose my job.”

“Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone.”

“I think you are really cute.”


The next thing you know, they are squeezing each other buns and just feeling on the butts a lot. Braff is known for his kiester and John knows this. They are like two peas inside of a pod–spooning, relaxing, just enjoying each other’s bodies and have a great time. This is what it’s like when two horny little guys fall in love on the Scrub set. It’s not even awkward for them. They just really have a lot in common! Next thing you know, Donald Faison shows up and he is PISSED! He’s got on boat shoes and man is this guy kooky. It’s really awkward every time he comes in! Him and J.D. are best friends on the show, but in real life they are just close friends and his real best friend is Sarah Chalke, but their relationship is strictly platonic (don’t get any ideas). So Donald sees what is going on and he starts to hoot and hoot oh man it’s like someone set off on an alarm, because he is hooting LOUD!


“Oh! Donald! Hi this is awkward now i bet.”

“Hey nice to meet you Donald, my name is John.”

“Oh hi I am Donald, but you already know.”

“Yes I am a big fan on the show”

Donald steps in, and he is not even into boys, but something is calling him into the dark unknown and now all three of them are kissing and hugging and Donald is on ecstacy for some reason, which is weird, but I had to include it because that’s how it happened. So anyway, they are squirming around on the floor and just embracing and having a lot of innocent fun (except for a couple jabs at the kiester by J.D. with the doctor pen). And just when you think it couldn’t get any more fun, head writer Jerry “Flip” Willis comes in and yells action. He’s not the director, but who can even tell what’s going on at this point. There is, like, a pile of tangled legs and it looks like a monster just coming for you. Jerry “Flip” gets the hell out of there! Him and his cousin from Poland just jetted they are taking off OH SHIT! who is going to write the show

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